How does Smatterling work?

Let´s say you are in a bar with three friends. You feel like meeting new people. But can this be as easy as at the touch of a button? Yes, it can. You just set up a new hotspot at your location, add your friends by scanning their QR code and write a short description of your plans for example that you want to party with your friends until the sun rises. Hit the tick and the hotspot is visible for all Smatterling users around you. When you set up an event you become the host.

How do I join an event?

You view a hotspot you like? Then get ready and become part of the group! Just click “get direction”, then follow the route on your smartphone and the host will be automatically contacted that a new Smatterling is on the way. When you arrive, you look for a person who shows you the Smatterling QR code on his smartphone. As soon as you found each other, you scan the QR code and you will be added to the event. You can also add people who are hanging around with you and join the event together.

How do I recognize the host?

Anonymity is very important for Smatterling, nevertheless, it is easy to recognize the host. After joining an event and arriving at the location, the host’s profile picture and QR code appear on your smartphone. Just look for this person – he / she should hold his / her smartphone with the QR code placed to make it even easier for you. Scan the QR code and be part of the event!

How do I become the host?

As soon as your event is created, you are the host – until you leave the event. As host your QR code must be scanned by every other Smatterling to join the event. But no worries, this does not mean that you have to stare on your phone for the whole time. Your smartphone should be visible when you get a push notification that a new Smatterling will arrive in a few minutes.

How do I know that people are joining my event?

You will be notified that a Smatterling is on the way to you. Just before his arrival you receive a push-notification.

What is Nectar?

Nectar is a way to say “Thank you for the amazing time together.” Nectar can be given out after every event – or not. If you get Nectar, it is like someone awards you a medal. The profile picture of the person who gave you a Nectar point will be shown. The higher your Nectar score the better.

How will an event expire?

If the host quits the event, the Smatterling with the most Nectar becomes the new host. He will be automatically informed by a push notification. This goes on until everyone left. When the last Smatterling quits, the event will be expired.

What happens if the battery of the host dies?

Also in this case, the Smatterling with the most Nectar will automatically become the new host and the event will go on.

What happens if I leave earlier?

If you leave earlier, you can easily check out by hitting the quit button. The same is true of the host.

What happens if a Smatterling leaves the place without quitting?

If your GPS coordinates don’t match with the event location anymore, you will be checked out automatically.

Can hotspots be created everywhere?

No, you can only create events at locations that are registered by Google Maps. This is also important for your safety – but it does not restrict you. Fortunately, you find nearly every restaurant, bar, club, museum, coffeeshop etc. all around the world on Google Maps.

In which vicinity are hotspots visible?

Your location is visible within a 25km radius.

Is there also a private mode?

Yes! If you create an event private mode can be activated by clicking “request to join.” The private mode allows other Smatterlings to view just your approximate location. If someone wants to find out your exact location he has to send you a request. Only if the request is accepted, your location will be visible.

What happens if I decline a Smatterling or if I got declined?

Then the person will get no notification about your location and the event won’t be visible anymore for this person.

Is my current location always visible if I use Smatterling?

No! Nobody can see where you are, unless you create a hotspot or you scan a QR code from the host which means that you have checked in. If you are just searching for hotspots or if you’re on the way to an event, your Location is invisible for other Smatterlings.

Can I set up a hotspot in advance?

Yes! Until 8 hours before the event takes place.

Can I cancel my event that I scheduled in advance?

Yes, just go to your hotspot in your app and click “cancel.” Other users who are interested in the event will be informed. However, your Nectar score will drop.

What happens if I don´t appear at an scheduled event?

Then the event will automatically be cancelled if you are not at the event location within 15 minutes. A notification will be sent to interested Smatterlings that the event is cancelled. Again, you’ll get minus point on your Nectar score. Your Nectar will only stay the same if at least one other Smatterlings is on time at the location. Then he will be the new host.

Can I create more events parallel?

No, a person can only be at one place at a time.

Can other Smatterlings see my profile and send me messages?

No, because Smatterling should be used to meet at the location and exchange contacts personally.

Is there a friend list or a follow option?

No, because of the same reason as above. Furthermore, these features are already offered by numerous other social media platforms.

Is Smatterling only available for me as a private person or also for companies and event organizers?

Currently, our business model is in progress. However, special services for companies and event organizers will be offered.