Images you find in the “Image” folder can be used free of charge for press reports.

The following reference note is mandatory:

  • richardportrait.png: Founder & CEO Richard Zierhut , 2017
  • matthiasportrait.png: Founder & CEO Matthias Reichl, 2017


Using the logo and the artwork


When you download this file, there will be a folder called “Logo” with different versions of the logo and the artwork. Media can use the logo and the artwork, but only in an editorial context. Any other usage of the logo and artwork, commercial or non-commercial, is prohibited without explicit written permission by Smatterling GmbH.



  • The logo may only be used with a white background on a sufficiently dark background.
  • Depending on the format and space where the logo will be used choose between the files „logo-banner.png“, „Logo-square-withouttext.png“, „logo-square.png“ or „logo-banner-transparent.png“, “logo-square-withouttext-transparent.png“, „logo-square-transparent.png“.
  • Always apply sufficient empty space should be available around the logo.



  • Do not morph or distort the logo.
  • Do not make the logo too small.




You will find a folder called “Mockups” in the downloaded files. Always use this caption under the certain mock-up.

  • createevent-mockup.png: Create an event, September 2017
  • direction-mockup.png: Navigate to an event, September 2017
  • findevent-mockup.png: Find an event, September 2017
  • findhost-mockup.png: Find the host, September 2017
  • profile-mockup.png: Profile, September 2017
  • createevent-graphic.png: Create an event, September 2017
  • direction-graphic.png: Navigate to an event, September 2017
  • findevent-graphic.png: Find an event, September 2017
  • findhost-graphic.png: Find the host, September 2017
  • host-graphic.png: Host screen , September 2017
  • nectar-graphic.png: Rating system Nectar, September 2017
  • profile-graphic.png: Profile, September 2017
  • showcase-graphic.png: Showcase, September 2017


Download Files


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